Adult Orthodontics

Can adults wear dental braces? It’s never too late to perfect your beautiful smile.

An innovative arrangement of accepted orthodontic procedures, Latest advance materials, and innovative believed – Clear Ortho utilizes specialized clear aligner to gently straighten and align teeth in a regular time of just six to nine months.

Are you one of the too many of adults in need of dental braces who are hopeless, uncomfortable and even nervous of your smile? Now

“Straighten your teeth at any age without Braces Naturally at home with Clear Ortho Aligner”

Clear Aligner has changed the lives of lots of Indian adults, giving them the perfectly aligned smile. Then adult braces provide more than A Beautiful Gorgeous Celebrity Smile at any Age. Straight teeth are relaxed to take care of, preventing the possibility of dental complications as your age increase.

Why should adult people need orthodontic braces treatment?

  • If your teeth are in the perfect position, easier to brushing and maintain oral hygiene. Actuality capable to appropriately clean your teeth means that you are less probable to have bleeding gum problems. Having straight perfect teeth helps to keep your teeth healthy for long time.
  • Untreated crooked and crowded teeth problems can leads chances of oral disease.
  • Leaving teeth untreated can lead to several long-term problems, like
    • Foul smell
    • Swollen and bleeding gums
    • pyorrhea
    • mobile teeth
    • nervous smile
    • difficulty in cleaning and brushing

The Clear Ortho Aligner orthodontic treatment will give you…

  • A better quality of oral hygiene.
  • Helps bring confidence to your beautiful smile.
  •  Beautiful celebrity smile
  • Self-confidence.

Clear Ortho Aligner treatment for Adults enhance…

1)      Enhance teeth utility like chew and grind properly

2)      Enhance phonetic function affected by Gap between the Front Teeth

3)      Enhance esthetic life style and smile makeover

4)      Improve oral health

5)      Closing the Space or Gap between the Front Teeth

Clear Ortho Aligner treatment for Adults Prevent…

1)      Prevent tooth caries by improving area where plaque and calculus can easily deposit

2)      Prevent difficulties in mastication

3)      Prevent damage or fracture of teeth

4)      Prevent irregular wearing of tooth enamel

5)      Prevent foul smell and bleeding gums problems

6)      Prevent or reduce bone loss between tooth

 Types of Dental Braces

In Orthodontic such type of dental braces are available worldwide. Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, Damon braces, Clear braces, Clear Ortho Aligner. Dental braces are no longer for teenagers only. In India an increasing number of adults are choosing Clear Ortho Aligner to straighten their crooked and crowded teeth.

Step by step treatment procedure of Clear Ortho Aligner:

  • First Consultation with the Clear Ortho Aligner certified dentist for examination, diagnosis and understand treatment program. He explains the pros and con’s involved in treatment with Clear Ortho Aligner, the duration, Clear Ortho Aligner cost. If need for perfect treatment plan, Clear Ortho Aligner dentist will direct u for investigation to the diagnostic center for digital x-rays.
  • Next appointment Patient should bring their OPG and Lateral cephalogram x-rays.
  • After the patient is convinced for Clear Ortho Aligner an accurate impressions of the patient is made with special impression materials called silicone rubber base impression.
  • The impressions are sent to the Clear Ortho for computerized 3D scanning and planning how the teeth should be expected to look like at each stage. An approximation of the movement of your teeth by computer aided design software. At this stage the patient will have to pay at least 50 % of the total treatment of Clear Ortho Aligner cost.
  • After 3 to 5 days a virtual set-up, a review of your before and after treatment and final result planning, is sent to the patient by email for examination, if necessary on seeing which the patient will get an idea as to whether the treatment is as desired by the patient and the dentist doctor.
  • Then once the patient “call proceed”, the creation of the customized Clear Ortho aligners will be started which will. Molds of your teeth at each stage of treatment. At this stage the patient must complete the remaining payment.
  • The Clear Ortho aligners will be received from the laboratory within 3 to 5 weeks. Wearing each aligner for about two weeks.

Clear Ortho Aligner reviews

“I had just turned 37 years and needed an alternate to metal braces.  After having braces at this age, I was worried about my aesthetic and regular monthly visit to dental clinic for tightening and maintenance of brackets & wires. Clear Ortho Aligner certified dentist suggested Clear Ortho Aligner as an alternate, a latest and high-tech approach to straighten my less than 8 months I have gorgeous smile which I always wished. Thank you clear ortho dentist!”

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